Deadmau5 quits Twitter with 7 Deadly Songs

Deadmau5 memutuskan untuk berhenti dari Twitter dan menyerahkan tugas ngetwit kepada manajemennya untuk keperluan bisnis dengan meninggalkan 7 buah lagu yang terinspirasi dari 7 deadly sins.

Ia tidak menjelaskan alasan berhenti dari Twitter. Ia menulis panjang lebar mengenai hal ini di account Tumbler :

"I’m no longer going to be managing my own twitter account for “deadmau5”. I’m going to let management deal with that account. My reasons are my own, not because of something i said, not because of this hilarious I.R.A. vs “ira” craic, not because of lady gaga’s infinite legions of brain dead fans. but as i said… reasons of my own.

Perhaps ill return to that in world as some reincarnation of sort, but for now, that’s off the table for me. I’ll continue to upload new music to my soundcloud, and the twitter account will point you in the right direction for the most recent happenings… but enough’s enough with living on twitter. Time to at least start by living in the studio making music without having to be force-fed stupid shit that annoys me, when all i’m trying to do is connect with fans.

As for the fans, thanks for all your continued support and understanding of my decision to personally unplug myself from the very thing that’s making me upset. As i’ve mentioned, the account will remain alive, and *my team* (yeah i went there) will keep you just as updated on the ongoings with new music and shit that actually matters.

To leave you with some good news, my new Tricaster arrives today. So perhaps ill be streaming video with direct audio a lot more often.

Thanks for having my back on this one.”

7 lagu yang ia publish sebagai bentuk perpisahan kepada followernya memakai nama latin yang berarti 7 deadly sins (sloth, greed, gluttony, envy, wrath, lust, pride). Musiknya sendiri mungkin menceritakan suasana hatinya saat memutuskan berhenti dari twitter. Kita gak bakal nemuin beat electro kencang yang menjadi ciri khas musiknya.

Account soundcloud dimana set ini dipublish tidak memakai Deadmau5 sebagai nama, tapi fuckmylife. Dibawah ini kita bisa stream EPnya :


Sumber : Beatportal

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