DJ Dimitri merilis album terbaru yang diberi judul Ambrosia lewat label Platinum Records. Album ini tersedia di outlet musik di seluruh indonesia.  Cek info lengkapnya dibawah :

Artist: DJ Dimitri

Album Title: Ambrosia

Record Label: Platinum Records (Disc Tarra)

Quantity: Single CD

Status: Available In Indonesian Stores Now & Digital Version (Coming Soon)




01. Biru
02. Daybreak
03. Nothing Is Impossible
04. Love In The Air
05. Nighthawk
06. Under The Moon
07. White Imagination
08. Ambrosia
09. Madhouse
10. 7th Heaven



DJ Dimitri is one of those DJs/producers who is known for a restless artist personification. In some respect, he is probably regarded as the Indonesian progressive icon. With this CD, He began to polarize his fans and challenge the very fiber of dance music with his re-imagining of the craft that made him a household name. This debut album is a pure reflections of who DJ Dimitri is completely. Because this CD presents some of his productions from the past, present and his future releases. Everything you need to know about DJ Dimitri, you can learn from these ten tracks.

'Ambrosia' opens with 'Biru'. A chilled downtempo yet atmospheric track with more mature sounds layered with cool pads and subtle key changing which represents the more chilled side of Dimitri. 'Daybreak' is the experimental groovy tech house track to toughens things up with the next track 'Nothing Is Impossible' which is starting to change the direction of this album to go deeper and darker. Moving on to 'Love In The Air', An essential warm progressive track with balearic melody and gorgeous passionate main riff. This is followed by 'Nighthawk' where Dimitri starts to offer a snarling and driving progressive monster to give his key signature on this album. Continuing with 'Under The Moon' which you can found an underlying energy and trance-infected gasping chords all the way in this track,  But by God, he continues to hits his straps with his famous released track 'White Imagination' that grabs you by your sweaty hair and pulls you through the plush melody and into luxurious atmosphere which Dimitri really skilled for. Following there, Dimitri explores a new sound with 'Ambrosia' which has a new era of minimalist techno progressive, rhythmically energetic yet typically always melodic in sound, And yet this is what Ambrosia is all about: "serving you various cutting-edge underground sounds". Finally into the last two tracks of this album started with 'Madhouse' an absolute techno monster that snaps and writhes under broken with cool wailing synths and dominatrix lead chords. So it ends the same, 'Ambrosia' began with a beautiful atmospheric track and ends as well with taking the lights up to the anthemic feel of '7th Heaven' it is almost a relief and a perfect way to close out this magnificent set.

From the overall perspective, Ambrosia is a diverse mix of the past and future sounds of Dimitri, The known and soon to be known. Ambrosia is the sound of one of the Indonesia's finest DJs at the peak of his powers, mixing you the future.



All tracks written & produced by Dimas Ramadian (DJ Dimitri)

All tracks published by Bagong Digital Records (The 45MF Group Inc.)

All tracks are licensed courtesy of Bagong Digital Records (The 45MF Group Inc.)

Recorded at Bagong Digital Studio, Jakarta

Additional Mastering By: Marcell Giovanni (Track 1,5,9,10)

Design By: Tragik Motion

Photography By: Jefri Sentosa


Get them now for only IDR 99.000 at DiscTarra, Socialite and other music outlets in Indonesia!

For online order, Simply visit to order this CD or send your email to [email protected] Phone: 021-5847861 (hunting)


For more info, Please visit & follow:




Thank You,

*tepuktangan* *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan*

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  • anggabc  on 25/06/12, 09:26
    Congrats Dim!!  *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan*
  • colis  on 25/06/12, 09:44
    canggih bung dimas.... full support...
  • osvaldo1945MF  on 25/06/12, 13:17
    Congratzz !! aku sudah punya lhoo..  ;D ;D
  • phuture89  on 25/06/12, 14:26
    congratz dim...nice cd cover...good luck penjualannya. proud of you.
  • harriz nabeat  on 25/06/12, 21:05
    conggratz yooo...semoga laris albumnya....:)
  • nickvan  on 26/06/12, 01:41
    The long awaited one

    Jempol dari Tom Cruise
  • ApsaRey  on 26/06/12, 07:16
    Hi Dimitri! big accompishment, proud to have you as SOP man! Congratulations...
  • phuture89  on 26/06/12, 08:45
    Input nih dim...bisa di bantu juga ga penjualan on line...krn beberapa regional disc tara ga ada...lampung udh tutup per 2012 kalau ga salah. Thx u
  • DJ Deny  on 26/06/12, 14:01
    Gw udah liat di toko Gramedia dan all premium music stores..Sukses Dim!
  • Ricco.Sepet  on 26/06/12, 14:08
    congratz kangmas... *bgs* *tepuktangan* ditunggu tumpengannya ;D

    Input nih dim...bisa di bantu juga ga penjualan on line...krn beberapa regional disc tara ga ada...lampung udh tutup per 2012 kalau ga salah. Thx u

    For online order, Simply visit to order this CD or send your email to [email protected] Phone: 021-5847861 (hunting)

  • bless the child  on 26/06/12, 16:09
    sukses dim...
  • ^rustyman^  on 26/06/12, 17:43
    aku padamu kakang dimas :-*
  • evan_bali  on 26/06/12, 22:16
    congrats broohh *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan* sounds big!! *piss*
  • yudha4  on 26/06/12, 22:41
    congratz bro dimitri... *bgs*
    full support local talent 8) 8) 8)
  • Bagong Digital  on 27/06/12, 18:19
    Thank you...thank you very much guys angga,colis,phuture89, harriz, rey, sepet, berry, reyhan,evan, yudha

    and big thanks to RAVELEX team for making this into the article

    @osvaldo: suwun pakde le melu prihatin  :P

    @Deny: thanks om for everything  :)

    The long awaited one

    Jempol dari Tom Cruise

    @bung nickvan: ijin copas gambarnya gan  *bgs* :P

    @phuture89: iya bang ryan bisa diorder via online atau email ke [email protected] Phone: 021-5847861 (hunting)

    thanks once again guys, Ravelex and all of you. Please take your time, have a listen and enjoy my latest courtesy of soundscape creations: AMBROSIA!! :)
  • joey_30  on 27/06/12, 20:19
    mantab mas bro..  *bgs* ntar pas ke disctarra sby ak cek ya...  :)
  • Mario 78  on 27/06/12, 20:34
    Must Have Album nih  *bgs*
  • Robbie  on 27/06/12, 21:09
    Congrats bray dims  ;) *bgs*

  • RoniJoni  on 27/06/12, 22:20
    Congrats mas bro... Mantapp ;)
  • harriz nabeat  on 27/06/12, 23:26
    mantabbbbb  *tepuktangan* ;D *tepuktangan*
  • DJ Rangga_Electros  on 28/06/12, 06:56
     *tepuktangan* *bgs* *bgs*

    Congratz Mas Dim... Semoga sukses selalu yaaa!
  • DJ Deny  on 28/06/12, 11:02
    Support our local producers! Beli aslinya yah guys ..don't ask for the  download link wkwkwkwk :d
  • danzadanzi  on 28/06/12, 14:48
    wuih ... biru ( kalo mata gw merem intense masuk ke lagu nya seperti diving  ... TOP )
  • Beny Malian  on 28/06/12, 16:07
  • yoi...  on 28/06/12, 16:56
    Sakses ma bro welcome back progressive music kualitas to the scene!  *bgs*
     ps:goodbye toeet toet shit  ;D
  • acid029  on 29/06/12, 00:48
    selamat dan sakses kami ucapkan kepada mu dim..maju terus semoga tetep berkarya :D

    dari saudaramu di kampung acid029 family hihiii
  • Mario 78  on 01/07/12, 22:31
  • olis  on 03/07/12, 16:22
    wow selamat ya...
  • Bagong Digital  on 04/07/12, 18:07
    thank you guys joey,mario,robbie,ronjon,rangga,beny,yoi,olis .selamat menikmati albumnya yah! BIG LOVE :) :)

    @danzadanzi: thank you feedbacknya, ya boleh juga tuh serasa diving hihihihi!  ;D
    @acid029: siap thanks berat utk bantu prosesnya album pak!  ;)

    And also coming up to all worldwide download stores on July 16th 2012:

    DJ DIMITRI - AMBROSIA (Continuous & Unmixed Digital Version)

    Already received some great feedbacks & supports from the world renowns:

    Darin Epsilon (Perspective Digital / USA): "Beautiful tracks from Dimitri! You can tell a lot of time and energy went into these productions."

    Flash Brothers (Israel): "Under The Moon sounds good with a classic progressive vibe to it!"

    Matan Caspi (Turky): "Great release here!"

    And many more to come, Just stay tuned for this July 16th 2012!!  ;)
  • AdaGio  on 04/07/12, 20:09
    Go dimitri go
  • diskoboy  on 10/07/12, 15:00
    barusan beliiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!  *bgs* *bgs* *bgs*
  • Bagong Digital  on 16/07/12, 19:00
    thanks again guys diskoboy,marcell especially...BIG THANKS!  ;)

    And now following the Indonesian releases of AMBROSIA, Today is AMBROSIA Continuous & Unmixed Digital Version worldwide release!!

    Available now on Beatport & other 40 download stores worldwide. Grab your copies now on one of this links below: #Beatport #Trackitdown #DJDownload #JunoDownload #Amazon

    Stop piracy & save our local tracks!!!!

    Keep it Loud & Underground


    (Bagong Digital / The 45MF Group)
  • lazydog | rico  on 17/07/12, 15:03
    Under the moon keren.. brasa xpander versi dub, halahh heheh..
    sukses om