How To Make - Swedish House Mafia - One

Berikut ini adalah video tutorial tentang bagaimana mengaransemen lagu One dari Swedish House Mafia. Tutorial ini dibuat oleh member kita Wiwied. Selamat belajar...

SHM - One - Tutorial

10/08/10, 18:16 by wiwied , Viewed 9616 times.


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  • AdaGio  on 10/08/10, 21:10
    now thats what i call contribution...

     *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs* *bgs*
  • MC Rez_Q  on 11/08/10, 14:09
    Nice one dude  *tepuktangan*  *tepuktangan*
  • wiwied  on 11/08/10, 20:31
    trims paman dah di up..
  • VK  on 18/08/10, 10:19
    nice tutorial juoo *bgs* *bgs* *bgs*
  • ^rustyman^  on 18/08/10, 14:42
    nice one *bgs* *bgs*
  • Mardial  on 01/08/11, 16:59
  • mc febb  on 29/03/12, 16:37
     *tepuktangan* *tepuktangan* *bgs*
  • subblesstine  on 23/05/12, 17:20
    Amsoyyyy kang wiwied!  :D
  • harriz nabeat  on 23/05/12, 17:34
    CAIMIKKKK!! *bgs*