Interview with Emma Hewitt

Saat Djakarta Warehouse Project, desember kemarin kita sempat interview dengan penyanyi cantik asal Australia, Emma Hewitt. Ini adalah kedua kalinya ia menginjakkan kaki di Indonesia, setahun sebelumnya ia pernah main di Blowfish Surabaya, dan baru pertama kali ke Jakarta.

Emma sebenarnya adalah penyanyi rock dari band Missing Hour (Australia). Tahun 2007 ia mendapatkan tawaran dari DJ Chris Lake untuk membuat sebuah track progressive "Carry Me Away". Track itu membuat namanya langsung melejit di dancefloor, dan dimulailah karirnya sebagai vokalis EDM.


Setelah single pertama itu, Emma mulai mendapatkan job dari banyak produser EDM seperti Gosmic Gate, Gareth Amery, Dash Berlin dan Ronski Speed. Singlenya dengan Dash Berlin, Waiting, pernah menjadi lagu nomer 2 paling banyak di vote pada radio show Armin van Buuren, A State of Trance, sebagai lagu terbaik tahun 2009.

Tahun ini Emma berencana untuk menelurkan sebuah album elektronik pertamanya dibawah label Armada.


1. Tell us about your live set tonight ?

Emma : I'll be doing a view old songs, songs with Dash Berlin, a few song with Mash up on it, collaboration with Cosmic A little bit of old and new mix together.

2. As a Rock Band Vocalist ( Missing Hour, Australia ), which one do you prefer , Band vocalist or EDM singer?

Emma : I prefer Dance Music, because I enjoy dance music, because I think I love to see when people got excited, lots of mood, and lot's of fun when hay all see EDM performance

3. How does it feel to sing in Indonesia?

Emma : I'm really excited, this is my First Time in Jakarta, the only time I've been here is in Surabaya, so I'm very excited about it, every body tell me it's great here , so looking forward to it.

4.What's your favorite Producer / DJ that you have been work with ?

Emma : They all special for me in every ways, because I'm so lucky to meet all of this talented Producer and DJ that I work with. I love the Cosmic Gate guys they both amazing, Chris Lake and Dash Berlin also help me got into this Industry and get my carrier up.

5.What is your favorite track of all time?

Emma : Silence - Ferry Corsten and Tiesto

6.Tell us about your project with cosmic gate ?

Emma : Yeah , we did couple songs together in Wake Your Mind Album called "Be your Sound", which is just came out and the other one called "Calm Down" . Hopeful we'll do more tracks in the future.

7.Tell us a little bit about your latest track "Be Your Sound" ?

Emma : "Be Your Sound", it feels like the title itself, feeling the isolation about relationship that you don't want anybody else to get near, and want to be safe

Dash Berlin feat Emma Hewitt - Waiting (Official Music Video) [High Quality]

Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Be Your Sound

interviewer : Ajie Abdul Kadir
thanks to Ismaya Live

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  • ^rustyman^  on 19/01/12, 11:15
    Cakep banget ni orang, suaranya juga bagus banget :-*
  • luthfi  on 19/01/12, 15:55
    Cakep banget ni orang, suaranya juga bagus banget :-*

    Aslik! Fav. song nya Delirium - Silence pula.
  • anggabc  on 19/01/12, 16:34
    Cakep banget ni orang, suaranya juga bagus banget :-*

    Aslik! Fav. song nya Delirium - Silence pula.

    Komuknye gimana gitu ye...  :P
  • Bopal  on 19/01/12, 23:59
    She has a good personality, she is nice!

    One time, I saw her refuse when she was offered a cigarette, with her inner beauty, gesture and polite word she was makes that guy and others amazed than offended.
  • iaz_holic  on 21/01/12, 15:37
    pertama tau sebelum google" nih kaka :p .. eksotis suaranya .. pas liat lgs di DWP woooowwww ..
    1 word aja ... EKSOTIS komuknya .. bahayoooo .. :-[ :-[
  • Chris.M  on 22/01/12, 13:56
    kalo dilihat mirip lostsiska ya :p
  • erwiengroovy  on 23/01/12, 23:32
    kalo dilihat mirip lostsiska ya :p

    ahahahahahaha bener
  • osvaldo1945MF  on 26/01/12, 16:12
    Indonesian EDM Vocalist dibikin Awardnya lucu kali ya?...hehehehe
  • NiNjaskoo1  on 29/01/12, 03:19
    Setuju hehehehe.... :)