Quickie with Sasha Grey the DJ

Mengamati tampangnya mengundang pertanyaan "Pernah liat dimana ya gue?", jawabannya mungkin bisa google sendiri ya. Sasha Grey di dunia erotica dikenal sangat hardcode, untungnya di dunia DJ dia gak jadi DJ erotik.  Kita dapet kesempatan nanya beberapa pertanyaan  pas kita temuin ini lagi bertugas sebagai DJ di festival It's the Ship.

RVLX "what is the best advice someone give you in your life?"

"Something that I always think of is, Never Let Anybody tell you no because you're a woman.  So, I feel like a lot of the challenges I have in life, are the challenges all woman have in life. So I always keep that all in the back of my head, when I see, you know... man get a way with having vibrate personality, but women being criticized to this things, that makes me wanna fight and achieve my goals more than anything"

RVLX " what is the craziest story from your tour ?"

Sasha :
"I was DJ-ing in event, and this promoter was ... soo F*ck Up..I was drinking, maybe one or two drink so I was fine, I'm ok..and the promoter say " Hey Girls , lets get in the car now" and we looked each other and say "noo..noo..see the paper work?" "I'm not getting in the car with you".
It was a little bit scary but also entertaining, and I said "wow this guy take jobs seriously"

RVLX "is this your first time on the Ship/ Party on the ship?"

Sasha :
"Yes, this is my first time, it's very bizarre"

RVLX "What kind of genre will you play on the Main Stage and also in the private party?"
Sasha :
"I 'll play some hard stuff on the main stage, I want to make the energy level high, so the crowd can enjoy and for the private party I'll play some Deep House for sure"


words by Aji Respati

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    6. Plan to go ahead and take high road. Even if you are generally not surprisingly hurt and also furious, there's no advantage of you or your young children to be able to poor mouth your ex wife or husband. It doesn't help make everyone who are around you unpleasant, this jeopardises your current therapeutic and also adjustment and will keep an individual in the damaging location.

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