Toilet Room?

For the last few years, underground streaming site par excellence Boiler Room has been bringing us sets from the coolest clubs, hotel rooms, warehouses and record stores around the world on a regular basis. As anyone who’s got the site bookmarked could tell you, Boiler Room has a well-earned reputation for turning even the most humble of spaces into enviable rave dens. They haven’t, though, ever streamed an episode straight from a toilet.

But someone has. Enter Toilet Room, the brainchild of Sydney DJ collective Moving House. Last week, the first ever Toilet Room kicked things off with a 70-minute set in a bathroom somewhere in Surry Hills…and it was none other than the UK’s Paleman on the decks. As of yesterday, the debut Toilet Room set is up on YouTube for streaming – get stuck in below.

“It was almost certainly a bottle of Rum that was responsible for the inception of Toilet Room,” the Moving House DJs/Toilet Room team told inthemix. “We were just sitting around one afternoon, when [someone] said out of the blue, “How funny would a Toilet Room set be?!” The reference went without saying, and a few weeks later, we were on the rums again, fumbling our way through a Toilet Room test set in a Surry Hills bathroom. A few days later, we posted a highlight/blooper reel and a short teaser for the concept, and the response was phenomenal.”

While there’s definitely a tongue-in-cheek element to Toilet Room, we can nonetheless expect some very cool sets to come of the party. “The idea was definitely born out of parody, but given we’re showcasing world class DJ’s – such as Paleman – it’s kind of become more of an homage to Boiler Room. We love what Boiler Room has done, and continues to do for electronic music, and we certainly don’t want to take away from that, so we hope it’s taken as a compliment rather than a knock to their brand.”

From here, the Toilet Room plan is to try for as many touring internationals as possible, as well as locking in talented locals. If all goes to plan, there’ll be at least one Toilet Room set per month – maybe one a fortnight – hitting YouTube for streaming soon after each event. “Like all Moving House projects, the primary goal is to provide a fun experience, and anything else is just icing really.”

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  • Mario 78  on 10/02/14, 21:30
    sok kreatf pur terlalu mengada2,ada juga dikamar tidur bikin session masuk akal
  • Lamid45G  on 11/02/14, 09:48
    good job for lowering our DJ position on the bottom of the pit

    "u a shitty DJ mate you belong in the Toilet Room"  :-X
  • dirtynumbangelboy  on 11/02/14, 14:12
    sok kreatf pur terlalu mengada2,ada juga dikamar tidur bikin session masuk akal
    kan di toilet kalo lagi aus tinggal ngokop keran mar ;D
  • NinBo  on 11/02/14, 23:23
    Hahahahahaha mungkin mereke terinspirasi dari kumpul" di toilet pas lagi enak
  • olis  on 17/09/14, 14:17
    wah iseng aja bikin plesetan..