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Alfi Da Lovely
Constantly in demand all over the Indonesia for her ability to light up dance floors with her prog-rocking electro sets of tech-drenched house, Alfi Da Lovely has gained outstanding notability in such a short time, awakening her to the unlimited potential of music.

Alfi Da Lovely is quickly making a name for herself in the underground and commercial world of dance music scene in Indonesia, Inspired by the DJs of the underground, Alfi Da Lovely fearlessly took to the decks to cultivate a style of her own. She has taken the new electro sound and tough beats and molded then into an explosive new genre of what she likes to call, dirty prog-rocking, electro-tech house.

Before becoming a Dj, Alfi Da Lovely spent her formative years as a Model traveling internationally until she was hypnotized by the intensity of Nightlife, and inspired by underground house music heroes and clubs.

Alfi Da Lovely sums up her musical mission in one sentence: “I just want, to make people have a good time and go home with a great feeling.” 2008 is lining up to be a pinnacle year for Alfi Da Lovely. Having been selected into the prestigious 1945MF in Jakarta and has the support from its founder DJ, Romy, currently in the studio working on her first compilation, teamed up with Dj /producer Romy it will definitely be something to look out for.

Alfi Da Lovely’s obvious skills on the decks, coupled with her ear for quality up front music is giving her the reputation of being one of the fastest rising female DJ’s in Indonesia (Says The Beat magazine Bali). So watch out for this explosive new sound Dj because Alfi Da Lovely will definitely be shaking a dance floor near you.

Dj influences include: Axwell, Hector, Remero, Danny Rampling, Steve Angello, Offer Nissim, Marco V, Roger Sanchez, Eric E, Eddie Amador, Robbie Rivera, Luise Dene, Freemasons, Rooster and Peralta, the list can just keep going.

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