1945 Music Factory

Delizious Devina
2008, It was time for a new look and under the big label of 1945MF Indonesia, having confidence in the style of her music, but acknowledging the need for continuous change, rather than finding one style and sticking to it, DD likes to keep her sets as varied as possible, playing right across the board, from electro to dirty house and everything in between tech tribal house with her sassy and sexy style. This “sultry sage” has developed an immense and devoted fan base. Now, after being at the top of her game behind the decks, Delizious Devina is proving she is much more than just a DJ.

In addition to Devina’s passion for music, she is a regular guest star for television shows; also she has been featured on most popular magazines and newspaper. Since DD loved to work together with Indonesia’s famous fashion designer and label for her special costume like Oscar Lawalata, Barli Asmara, House Of Elga, Kanaya Tabitha and Soho, it’s giving a lots of opportunity for DD to play along in several fashion show.
Endorsed by Magma and Slappa Indonesia, Steelseries, DD is set to be a promising force and undeniable talent in the contemporary music scene.

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