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Baby A
  • Baby A

  • cityJakartaactive7 years
  • playingUrban / Alternative
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since elementary school, she interested in the arts. Like music, drama, and join choir, until high school.

after graduate from high school, she began to move to the next level, she choose to become a Proffesional DJ,

she said, "DJ is unique Talent, he/she can sing any song (play any song), make people happy, and have good character. So, I choose to become that person."

Genres : Trap, Twerk, RNB, Hiphop, EDM

* Resident DJ at BeerBrother Kemang
* Top 5 Finalist DMC World DJ Championship Indonesia 2014

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021 50221444 | 021 98435729 | 7634E3CA |
twitter: @beatmasta

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