Born & raised in Pontianak, West Borneo of Indonesia. Aben started his career as a DJ since June 2009, when he took a lessons at 1945MF DJ School. DJ Echa 1945MF as his instructor.
DJ Aben's style is truly unique, a pumping House it's his staple theme. However, he takes inspiration from anything Electro, B'more, Progessive, Tech-House, to slightly tougher beats & gets people moving & grooving.
From natural love of house music and all the things funky then took step ahead to further his skills with kills, filters, flangers, echoes, roll to produce a distinctly unique sound.
Ambition, motivation have seen his name change from regular clubbers then coming to be a professional DJ.
Now DJ Aben's agenda is success within the dance music scene that has now taken profound & successful production

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