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At 18 years old, Adit from Bandung, Indonesia, found his interest in music when he first starting playing the drum in 2004. He soon joined a band, and played at a lot of gigs and festivals for a few years. During this time, Adit’s passion for music continued to propel him forward.

Adit’s first taste of the DJ world came about in 2007 when he discovered a new obsession inspired by dance music. At the very least he just wanted to be part of this unique atmosphere that had him longing for more and more. So he took an intensive DJ course at Warehouse to train anad bring him into the industry. Instantly, he began spending countless hours learning the art of DJ-ing and working closely with production program.

While producing, Adit started to make a name for himself on the club scene across Bandung; a mixture of Dirty House, Electro and Progressive House. He spread his sound full of energy outside the clubs, and is now better known by his stage name of ‘Adit Undead’. Around the same time, Adit signed to Chronicle in early 2011.

Much of Adit’s attention during and after 2011 was drawn to the various flourishing electro music. At house parties, clubs, and gatherings, Adit was (and still is) eager to be the controller of music. His experience so far taught him how to work with crowds, how to have a fun relationship with his audience and generally widen his music perceptions. Not only do his family, and friends support him, but he also has the support of the many people who follow and have fallen love with his music.

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