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Aiu Kandi
AIU started dj-ing in 2007 at the age of 20. Her passion for dance music has led her to invest her life into this career. She is one of the hardest working new local DJ Aiu pushing to the unlimited in this industry. Her efforts are to prove that female DJ can get recognition away from the dance floor. She is a versatile DJ being able to fit between styles and shred genre boundaries.

Her sets typically incorporate house, electro, to progressive as well as her more traditional techno fare, making for consistently exciting, surprising DJ sets that never fail to rock the dance floor and defy his fans high expectation. All long, Aiu has played ini many clubs in Jogja as well as other states, fashion shows, corporate events and company launch.

Proving to be favourite promising DJ Aiu Jogjakarta Dance Scene. This year we will see she rocking the clubs and taking her newfound way of life into a whole new musical level. Her growing funbase will only attest to this.

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