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  • Akbarazka

  • cityYogyakartaactive9 years
  • playingprogressive Urban / Alternative
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Since 2004 he has started to enjoy Electronic Dance Music. In the middle of 2010 he finally decided to start practicing Dj. Then he joined the Ethnic Mushroom which is one of the new DJ management in jogja. He began his DJ career in July 2010. as a resident DJ at a center that is ninenine billiards Yogyakarta. Over time he began to explore his career at the night club at the Caesar cafe Yogyakarta, in the event "Stereo City" in mid-November 2010, which also involves all the DJ's of Ethnic Mushroom. He played the entire genre of EDM, the idealism that he really likes playing progressive house and trance genres. He influeces by Jerome Isma ae, Daniel Portman, Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz, George Acosta and many more. He will continue to learn and work, with the aim to improve the quality and ability on DJ-ing, and can enter the atmosphere is feasible and appropriate in his aspire. The principle of his career was "all people can do better than that so far they desire”.

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