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alannys weber
Alannys Weber a young talented individual began to understand her dream at the age of 11, where many minds as young as hers were still baffled by the enormous world, she had a vision that would help change lives and create an impact among masses within the entertainment industry.

At the tender age of 17 her vision was clear that her dream required the attention and focus of a fast paced society that not only required a reputation but demanded talent in a vast field of entertainment.

From modeling, performing, choreography, acting and now a Disc Jockey with the attitude of challenging the world to a new level of entertainment, she has embarked on a journey faster than most can even imagine.

Alannys surpassed the assistant level and approached the professional level of the modern day disc jockey, by playing in large entertainment venues with crowds over 1000 and above.

Well known venues in Jakarta such as Immigrant, X2, Dragonfly and Barcode, saw the talent Ms. Alannys had while playing passionately with full endurance at these renowned entertainment dance clubs.

Her instantaneous popularity and demand spread like wild fire along the Indonesian archipelago to Bandung, Surabaya, Balikpapan and Bali.

The exposure received in Bali allowed her to excel her mission to becoming a world renowned Disc Jockey, and gave her the chance to play in Amsterdam, Holland.

Now it was clear that Alannys was playing the field amongst the most competitive Disc Jockeys of the world.

With her great success in Holland, another 3 nightclubs saw the talent in Alannys and placed her as the featured Disc Jockey of the night in Holland.

Not only has this helped Alannys's confidence but it has also proven to the society around her that there is room to allow not just another Disc Jockey into their list of favorites.

Between the headphones of Alannys, there is a fire burning to challenge the world of Disc Jockeys from east to west. Often seen in interviews Alannys now confidently nods and accept responsibilty to make a difference to the world she has prepared for...

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