Alvin K
Alvin K, a pioneer of techno scene in Indonesia and founder of Microchip, started his career in Australia in the late 90s.
Influenced by DJs like Plastikman, Danny Howells, Michael Mayer & James Holden, with a range of music starting from Deep House, Detroit Techno, Minimal Sound of Berlin to Acid House, his unique and varied choices of sound always gives off an epic feel.

His arrival in Indonesia in the year 2006 has proven to give new color to the local music scene. Join with DAFKAF can't stop his ego in the whole scene and his love for the music brought him to create the label Microchip, that then produced a regular event called GLIMPSE, the first underground techno event in Indonesia.

He has shared decks and warmed up some of the big names in the industry like Richie Hawtin, Deetron, Tiefschwarz, Ewan Pearson, Spirit Catcher, Djuma Soundsystem, Yousef. He’s spun at numbers of underground warehouse rave party and huge festivals, to name a few, Adventjah Summer Festival (Brisbane, Australia), Re Animator (Brisbane, Australia), Godskitchen (Australia, Indonesia), Dance Republic (Indonesia), Soundz Therapy (Indonesia).

Alvin’s commitment in music and his effort in extending the techno scene in Indonesia have been made recognized by the local electronic music industry. He was nominated as “Indonesia Best Techno DJ” at the Ravelex Electronic Dance
Music Awards in 2009.

Alvin will continue to expand his insight in music by means of production, spots in Jakarta’s major events and festivals, and international promotion with intentions of displaying the commitment he has in providing true quality
underground electronic music to the masses.

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