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Andre started his DJ career in January 2006 at Spinach Disc Jockey School in Jakarta. He got fascinated by the Electronic sounds after hearing the record “What Else Is There” by Royksopp in one of the club in Jakarta, and that record inspired him to become a DJ.

After he graduated from Spinach DJ School in Jakarta, he joined Subspina, a DJ Management under management of Spinach Records Jakarta until August 2008. He started to play in many various gigs in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia. At 2011, he became a student at Rumus DJ School in Jakarta and joined Rumus DJ Management afterwards. He also started to explore his music skills by learning to produce his own music.

Most of his music influences are from House DJs and producers such as Steve Angello, Dirty South, Laidback Luke and Axwell were set to be his music especially whenever he played. Recently, he expanded his genre with Disco, Mash-up, Tech House and Progressive House sounds.

Andre’s achievement was being the best 32 in Heineken Thirst DJ Competition in 2007 and the best 30 in Juice DJ Quest 2008. And after five years had became a DJ was made him realized that he must learn and practice a lot, not just to become a good DJ but also a good entertainer and producer.

Andre’s Highlight gigs in Jakarta: Blowfish, Biblotheque, Barcode, X2, Kampus, Phoenix, X-Splash, Beyond, Venue, Tipsy, SF Club, X-Pose, Tee Box, 365 Eco Bar, and other cities in Indonesia, such as: Lips (Bogor), LC (Bogor), X-One (Bogor), Embassy (Bandung), Amnesia (Bandung), Mansion (Bandung), Gossip Bar (Bandung), Ha Ha Cafe (Manado) and, Sphynx (Banjarmasin). He also became a resident DJ in Bloeming Bar until October 2011.

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