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Andree Uchiel’s love affair with dance music started in the early 2000s. With fellow dance music enthusiast (which later became tutor and best friend), Ferry Sarmanella a.k.a DJ Debon, Uchiel started collecting dance music mix CDs, with early influences ranging from Digweed, Sasha, Danny Howells, Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler etc.

Two years later, by late 2002, Uchiel decided to buy his first set of turntables and with the help of DJ Blanco and DJ Debon studied the art of DJing. His earlier influences naturally lead him to choose house/progressive house as his first musical endeavor as a DJ.

However, his passion for dance music encouraged him to explore dance music further and search for fresher underground sounds, and by the end of 2003, he tried to push Trance into the mainstream Indonesian dance scene. Always one to push musical taste to its limits, his determination did not go unnoticed, as he was nominated as Paranoia’s Rookie of the year the following year.

By 2005, his unrelenting passion for dance music became his sole reason to study sound engineering at SAE Institute Sydney. This excellent studying opportunity was also an excellent ground to expand his musical horizon. During his studies there he was exposed to the deep and quirky sounds of minimal house/techno, which soon rocked his thirst for underground dance music. And by the time he came back o Jakarta in 2007, Uchiel was already pushing a new sound, however bizarre it was to the local ears.

Andree Uchiel is a DJ that puts musicality and taste to the forefront of his sets. His sets are not your routine by the hour DJ set. Exploration and journey are his trademark originality, new and fresh sounds are always his first choice. Earning him the place as "REDMA Techno DJ of the year" nominee, for two years in a row.
He has had the honor to share decks with quite of a handful of DJs from diverse genres of dance music. Christoper Lawrence, Stacey Pullen, Terrence Chong, DJ Gabriel, Naro, Romy, Anton, Ai, Remy Irwan, 1man and many more. This shows that he is a DJ with a deep passion and respect to all kinds of Electronic Dance Music. As his hero Sasha said : “I can go to all style of music”, to Andree Uchiel there’s only two kinds of dance music – quality or junk.

Nowadays, Andree Uchiel is pushing the techy underground sounds, paired with classy house grooves. He is also one third of electrosoul’s live act, known as Soulmanellas, which was only recently nominated as Ravelex Dance Music Award’s Best Duo/Live Act.

With all these talents and upcoming musical productions; He is clearly a DJ you must check-out and tune in to!!!

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