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In the last few years saw the Indonesian dance music scene rise to become a
regional powerhouse, seeing all kinds of big name djs & acts come through in
clubs & festivals. On top of this, there are strong local scenes in all
kinds of subgenres. One could say it is a very vibrant & healthy scene. All
this in a large part have been the effort of an Anton Wirjono. He has been
given many accolades & awards. In 2002 MTV Trax Magazine Indonesia voted him
as one of “10 people with a Midas Touch in Entertainment” next to big names
in the music & entertainment industry. He has won Redma Indonesian Dance
Music Awards Best House Dj Of The Year & Milestone Achievement Award, HRFM
Lifetime Achievement Award. He runs the biggest brands in the Indonesian
scene: Future10 Productions, The Junction Bali Festival, Jakarta Movement,
Back In The Days, Turn On Plastic, Agrikulture (Band). He endorses for
Apple, Sony & Nike & also has a hectic dj schedule on top of all this. He is
an inspiration to many & is a cultural icon. Now Anton is ready for the

Anton was first inspired to become a dj at the age of 12, during his
boarding school years in Singapore, where he got picked to dj for the school
dances (mostly because of his eclectic collection of music). Mixing up punk,
mod, new wave, hip hop, pop, disco & anything he liked this became the base
for his passion in music. Hip hop really caught his attention started to
delve deeper into the culture. He then moved to the San Francisco bay area
for studies in 1985, which was a dream musically for Anton as there was a
wealth of used record shops, music concerts etc. He got into rare grooves &
hip hop in 1987 when he started to take up djing again for fun. In 1988 some
friends introduced him to house music. He started to get deep into acid
house, garage, deep house etc, sold his drumset & picked up his own set of
turntables & mixer in 1989.

In the early 90’s Anton discovered the San Francisco warehouse party/rave &
club scene which is a big inspiration, going to the underground Gathering,
Basics & Wicked parties, the clubs checking out Masters at Work, Dj Pierre,
Roger S etc. In 1992 he & a bunch of friends started promoting their own
series of Parties called Escape, doing legal & illegal dos in airplane
hangers, warehouses, beaches, clubs etc. From these parties he got known as
a DJ & other promoters started to book him. Soon enough he was playing for
the Basics & Gathering parties & playing with djs he looked up to like Jeno,
Garth & Doc Martin.

In 1994 just as his career was on the rise, he made the move back to
Indonesia for family reasons. It was a time in Indonesia where the club
scene was run by clubs, where it was the resident djs plays the same
commercial music day in day out, taking requests etc. Finding it hard to cut
into the scene Anton found a run down club with 2 rooms & a new set of
Turbosounds called Parkit & started his own weekly. He got together some
other dj friends (including his brother DJ Hogi) & played house in the main
room, trip hop & drum & bass in the back room, put up projections & art
installations. The club fits about 650 people & they would take in 950
people every week. People in Jakarta discovered this wicked music for the
first time. For over 2 years the strobe flashed, bass thumped & sweat
dripped from the walls. From this Anton had a following every where he went
& other clubs wanted a piece of this.

In 1997 A new massive club called Bengkel Nightpark was opening & offered
Anton to be the every Saturday resident. He took it up. Playing 6 hours
every week to 6,000 people, a notional radio show was something different &
exciting for him. Playing long sets allowed him to play anywhere from deep
house to techno to breaks & end up the night with funk, soul, disco. In the
middle of the night he would drop old breakdance tracks, acid house,
electronica, rock & other things that would turn the place upside down. For
2 years this was a weekly ritual that changed a generation of forward
thinking Jakartans. Many people that were on his dancefloor has now become
djs, promoters, producers, fashion designers, artists.

Anton was also the catalyst to the rise of outdoor festivals in Indonesia.
Jakarta Movement was created to showcase the Indonesian scene in one night
in a massive outdoor space. It was the first of its kind & at the height it
pulled in 15,000 people, but later stopped because of the resistance from
Jakarta police. Since then others have followed by making outdoor events,
but many are still waiting for the return of JakMove. After this Anton met
up with friend & dance music enthusiast Gianluigi Sorcinelli. He suggested
to do a yearly festival in Bali to promote the island & the region. Since
2005 The Junction Bali Festival has seen djs like Simon Dunmore, Martin
Solveig, Gregory, Osunlade, Karizma, Marques Wyatt, Seiji, Nicolas Matar,
Pippi, Danny Marquez, Dj Fudge, Kaori, Stephan Mandrax & many others grace
the decks in the most beautiful spots in Bali. It is the highlight of the
Bali peak season party month.

Anton’s company Future10 runs some of the the biggest club nights in the
country like the always sold out, multiple award winning Back In The Days, a
night playing all the club hits from the past. It has broken number records
in a few clubs & is currently running in 4 cities in Indonesia. Anton has
shared booths with all the big names that come through Jakarta: Louie Vega,
Kenny Dope, Frankie Knuckles, Carl Craig, Mr. Fingers, Bob Sinclair & many
others. Studio efforts are currently concentrated for his band Agrikulture
but in the coming months Anton will start releasing his solo work.

Watch out!

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