Antz Vinn
Dj antz launch a career in the entertainment world in 2005 with the player's career as a drummer in a band group, additional player and management talent in the artist. Dj antz initiated his career in the dance music scene in mid-year 2007 with basic self-taught. Originally gathered together with the often PARTY GOERS communities, and senior disck jockey. dj antz affected by such local inerlight,
Ardi pitae,osvaldo nugroho, altuna, bro ade, denny, marquee and all the dj I play mainstream trance dj as well as overseas in more impact to the dj antz such as Armin van Buuren, tiesto, nitrous oxide, liquid soul, kyau and alberth, aly and filla, AVB, PVD,andy moor, above & beyond, kaempfer & dietze, day din, time in motion, etc…
and to this day still play antz dj trance genre, from the start progrssive trance, techno trance and psy-trance. dj antz hope a time will give it something new in the dance music scene with the trance genre is more interesting and can be enjoyed by the dance music it all over the world and especially music trance indonesia.

now we will introduce a new name for DJ ANTZ become DJ ANTZ VINN
ANTZ VINN will present several new styles that highlight the flow of british, and new genres of electronic trance that will give new color of the dance music scene in Indonesia
I wish you all the support and prayers for the careers.

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