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2009 is a break out year for this talented, up and coming DJ, Anzamarch. Whether it was his recent success in Seattle DJ Competition hosted by Seattle’s famous DJ Flave, or his involvement in the first Indonesian Production House in Seattle, JUNKO SEATTLE, Anzamarch is on the right path to establishing himself in Seattle’s modern dance music community. He debuted as a guest DJ in front of hundreds of Indonesian “party-goers” at one of Seattle's premier nightclub, IBIZA, late 2005. With an arsenal of only 2 weeks practice from his Numark turntable and a strong inspiration brought on by trance master, Paul Van Dyk; March took center stage with a breath taking Progressive Trance mix that resulted in offers to play at several different Indonesian parties around Seattle. His reputation is not only popular among the Indonesian community but also with the locals. Last Supper Club, Countour and Tiki Bob’s are a few on the list of local nightclubs that March has played in the past years. In 2007, March took a break and returned to Indonesia to pursue his love for music professionally. Jakarta’s high appreciation of Progressive Trance music gave him a wide access to the industry. March quickly mingled himself among Jakarta’s most famous progressive trance DJs where he listened and learned. During his stay in Jakarta, the name March had become a household name among those involved in the night scene. Today, with JUNKO SEATTLE, March hoped to set a new benchmark for Progressive Trance in Seattle. “I want people to feel the power of Progressive Trance

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