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Born and bred in Indonesia, but spending most of his formative years in Beijing,
DJ Aska, is quickly becoming a household name among partygoers in Beijing.

Having played in some of the fancy clubs mushrooming Beijing’s new nightlife (such as BABI Club Beijing, The Bank Beijing, Vics Beijing, TANG CLUB Beijing, PARADISE CLUB Beijing, MANMAX Beijing, PLAN B CLUB Beijing, GOLDEN CLUB Beijing, CEMETARY BEIJING CLUB, China Doll Beijing, Kampus Menara Imperium, Baby Face Shenzhen, Lugas Beijing, and others),

DJ Aska’s melodious trance mixes are finding a strong following among the dancing crowd.
At the same time, wanting to remain true to his country of birth, DJ Aska is also in close contact with developments in Indonesia and expecting bigger things to come in the future.
The bald and naughty, the smile, so raunchy… DJ Aska is in on it…

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