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DJ Ayu, an up-and-coming DJ, has proven herself to be named and to be reckoned with. Shaking up crowds in the hottest spots in Indonesia, such as Vertigo XLoungeJakarta, Kampus Entertainment Jakarta, Nine Clouds Jakarta, La Centro Balikpapan, Guess Lounge Pontianak, DejavuBali and lots more...

Starting her career at 20, she sets her DJ style towards Progressive, creatively mixing it with House, Tribal and Tech-House. Her understanding of what the crowds want to hear and how to control the beat of the moment makes her one of the most promising young, talented DJ. It is no wonder that Sound of Zeus, one of biggest DJ Label Management in Indonesia, wasted no longer time in signing her

Many great DJs has influenced her music development. From Indonesia there are Ali, Yasmin, Jeida, Micko, Riri, Bone, Bhokero, Marquee and Devina. Internasionally, Armin Van Buuren, Laidback Luke, Chris Reece, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk and many more. All of who, has helped her to shape her euphoric, sparkling sounds

From the taste she has already given us, looks like the future promises new heart-thumping, fist-pumping skill and techniques from her, so keep your eyes open, DJ Ayu is the one to look out for

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