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Dj Billy is one of most well traveled and globally respected HipHop DJs , Started at 2000, Billy found his passion to becomes a DJ. His performance was influence by worldwide RnB HipHop dj such as Dj Jazzy jeff , Dj Serafin , and Dj Fafan . he begins his professional dj carreer at 2003 and he keep looking forward for his skill and improved his performances experience. DJ billy came out from the roots of Hip-Hop culture as a club DJ. He got in to remix producing to find his own blazing style of mixing and way for rocking the clubs .
His talent transforms every song in his playlist into a unique and unparalleled experience for all because of the accompanying videos. Because of the success of his video edits, he has given access to all his original works to everyone the world over. And countless foreign VDJs have benefited immensely from these, entertaining party crowds in different clubs across the globe. All his extraordinary works and skills can be seen live at different party hotspots.
Billy brings his on one of a kind custom audio/video creations to life by mixing and scratching the hottest music videos, cartoons, commercials and movie clips together to create a seamless flow of visual artistry for the masses.
Proved quality of sound and unique energy of his tracks will PUMP UP your dance floor! CHECK IT OUT!

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