M1/43 Sound

Born in Magelang, central Jawa on March 3, 1972, my name is Bonny Wishnuadi aka DJ Bonny, started to know dance music and tried to be a DJ since 1992. I learned to become a DJ by autodidact and my music quality is influented by several singers such as Barry White, Quincy Jones etc.

In the middle of 2009 I joined M1/43Sound and became a professioanl DJ since then. I played soulful house and house.

Several club that I had played :
- Venue
- Tipsy
- No 2
- 2 point 7
- 365 Ecobar
- Kampus
- Musro
- Bibliotheque
- Barcode
- Centro

Gig List

This artist have no gig yet
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