I've been in the world of music since junior high school, playing in the school band and finally in high school when I formed a band called “Violent”. Bass Player position is my favorite because a Bass player required to follow the beat of a Drummer.

By the time I graduated from college and works still want my music hobby, because there is no time to play with my band decided to switch my hobby into Dance music.

At first I just played the DJ software Virtual DJ and Traktor Pro using the controller, and finally turned to the CD / CDJ. Due to the basic speed hunting I always use Sync on DJ Software, I finally could not play CDJ.

Due to desperation I use CDJ, I finally decided to go to the DJ School in RDJ INDONESIA on February 2013.

Proggresive, Tech House, Deep House is my favorite kind of music.
Whatever type of music that I can entertain people to dance and sing along.

"The Essence of Dance Music"

DJ'ing use:
- CD / CDJ
- Ableton Live
- Traktor Pro

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