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The story began when he put a big intention to electronic music in 1998,
then drove himself to learn how to mix & dj’ing.
Started his dj carrier in the early of 2000, always expand his skill
and to explore the variety of sound.
He is well known as the one whom responsible of growing electronic music in Semarang.

At the late of 2004 he moved out to the local club & private party
in Semarang area,
which play different type music.
Traveled around the club & gig’s in Semarang,
he was easily known
by the clubbers with his talent of music.

At 2007 he brought a new and fresh atmosphere for the fanatic clubbers in Semarang,
E-Lounge audience were so impressed by his first appearance at the many event.
is one of the few DJ’s on the scene today that truly has a style of his own.
He smoothly and while maintaining a sound developed through playing warm up sets.

Now as a resident DJ in E-Plaza,
Digitalexy will never let the clubbers get bored with his music played
by his talent of Natural born entertainer.
At E-Lounge, he has been played with a lot of famous national & international DJ’s.

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