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Dika is a class act musician. A bass player to be precise, and according to him – the life blood of any bands is its rhythm section. "Rhythms determines the quality of the music" he said. As of this day, Dika claims himself as a rhythmist and a bass player for the well known Indonesian Pop-Rock band Evolet which was formed in 2007. With an album called "Dengarkan" under its belt, Evolet has established itself as one of Indonesian premier band and has gain massive followings nationally.

Dika himself has dabbled in music since the year 1998. He dreamt to perform in front of many and play the music he loves. His dream came true with Evolet but it didn't stop there. Electronic music fascinates him -- setting his intention to become a DJ to expand his musical horizon.

"There isn't much difference between playing in a band and Djing. Only with bands, I have to be one with the other personels. With Djing I am free to play whatever I want, be whoever I want and play the music however I want. I am free to express myself in a way that no other medium could and gain a new perspective on music as a whole" -Dika.

Dika then met Ryo and A.K. who have band and music background themselves. They then decided to form the label Eastside Mixing in the year 2010 and until this day, strives to give its followers the best experience at every events they held.

With a handful of performance experiences under his belt, Dika is one of those DJ that will give his crowds a great experience wherever he spins.

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