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Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dimdok began creating this musical madness inside his head at the tender age of 14. With an old technics turn table which his dad put-it in his bedroom, Dimdok always try to operate DJ deck’s by influence from his sister who an aspiring DJ at that time, introduced him to music likes Cece Paniston, Soul II Soul, and all 80’s to early 90’s music until his sister also introduce him to the art of mixing music.

Dimdok very first club appearance was in a club called Parrots or Parkit in his hometown back in 1995. With the help of local heroes like Anton, Hogi from Future 10 and Naro (Original Naro) Dimdok changes his genre music from 80’s pop to House Music. And he began his career as a professional DJ and presenting his musicality journey through Jakarta dance scene till now.

As the time has move on his sets now can be describe as quality soulful dub house music where his music can works from small clubs to Big room clubs.

After he graduated from Aussie back in 2003, he continues his passion in DJ industry with the new level of mastery and excitement by joining the infamous Original Naro.
From there his professional career was rise up and made him share the decks with DJs like Mark knight , Marysol , Subsky , 16 bit Lolitas , Nick K , Kosmas Epsilon , Rene Amesz , Mark james and many more.

He also take his part to show his talent in Naro exclusive 6 hours Set with one of the best VJ in the world Micha Klein and In the same year, He also take his part to warm up for the true king of underground John Digweed in Jakarta.

He has been playing in many local Club nights and festival likes The ultimate Aquasonic Beach at Marbella 2004, Activated synergy 2005, Heineken thirst 2005, Mark knight Indonesian tour 2006 , Sunset Beach Bop in Bali 2005 & 2006 , I love House 2008 , Defected In The House event in Indonesia at Bali Niksoma with Hardsoul, Copyright and Shovell on August 2008 and recently he was invited by Café Del Mar in S’pore for Special Sunset event and mark his name to be the 1st Indonesian DJ that performed in Café del mar.

Finally his love for house music has lead him to performed on several big clubs and parties around Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Singapore and many more

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