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Pingkan Stephanie is a promising nu breed lady DJ
Although she start DJ-ing at 2008 her performance become something that u should waited ..
her musical statement is rather wide, from House, electro and progressive...
True electronic dance music we should say Stephanie has played many local club in KL and Indonesia .She tried so hard proving that female Dj have their unique style & hottest track We were not just talk about skillful mixing technique ,The important things are How to make the party hype ..
If you looking for crowd pleaser,
Pingkan Stephanie is Your DJ ...

@Links (Kuching Malaysia)
@Vertigo (Jakarta)
@ 1st anniversary snowbay TMII
@ 4th anniversary Djarum black community Jkt
@7th heaven - Batam
@ Teatro - Jakarta@Rooftop
@World Tobacco asia 2012 – Jakarta Convention Centre
@Hennessy Artistry Asia pasific 2012 – Phnom pehn kambodia
and many more ....

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