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DJ cHoXX his fullname is Moch Iman A.S Lubis. He started his DJ experience since late 2007. His interest in DJ-ing began at 2006, he started to learn spinning at ELECTROFLUX Jakarta. For about 2month, with his teacher LeMan. Then he started career as a professional DJ on last 2007. since that time he used to perform at many electroflux events and other events. His major genre are electro House, and Progresive house.
Based on the dancing music prosperity in Indonesia,He was exploring many genres on the dancing music scene, such as house,dutch house electro, progressive,techno,and trance.
Since many genre of music begin strongly on the dancing music scene in Indonesia, specially in Jakarta,he was to adapt how the music is very take effect and very suitable for me to make some energizing sound and make many partygoers on club and lounge to enjoy the music ambience that will make and played to reach a total satisfaction of the music experience.

On April 2008, when he has perform from e’FLUX DJ SCHOOL first even for him, cHoXX start to be a DJ on many numerous party and event. Influenced by his favourite dj and producer: Jerome isma AE | Boza | mark Knight | Abel Ramos. Through years of his dj experience, he was able to broaden his taste in electronic dance music. Spinning around House, electro and Progressive with a grooves and beautiful touch of melodies made him as a Dj that have the most character with his own style.

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