• Dree

  • cityJakartaactive15 years
  • playingprogressive trance
  • member ofClubhoppers
  • event this year
Dj Dree has risen to become known all around the party scenes in Indonesia. First starting out in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dree discovered his passion to DJ by borrowed used turntables DJ Oky Sydney and practicing at Oky Sydney home. He decided to attend the DJ on fall 2004. After that, through practice and compassion, Dree has made DJ his way to make his first appearance in BLISS, July 2004.

Dree main mission is to rock the club. Through his great selection of music and mixing, he loves to play a range of music from progressive, progressive trance, trance and techno sounds. He has also learnt to develop his own performance by the DJing experience in the club. Backed by Clubhoppers, Dree hope to share his vision and dreams and continue to rise as a full fledge all round DJ.

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