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When Emo was in High school, in 1998, he fell in love with Electronic music for the first time.
That day he was listen to MTV AMP2, which is contain one of his favorite DJ. Adam F with Circle.
All catch-phrase loops, surf guitar and big, big beat, it furthers Adam's rep as a guy who (literally)
rocks the dance floor.
And after his long journey searching for Drum n Bass, he feels like bored, so he chance to
full soul House music genre . And that time in the year 2000,after the Millenium he met one of
his cousin from UK, Qaoki (RIP),
He's also bedroom DJ, and he taught Emo for the first time. He taught Emo to using turntable with
Oki's record collection. So Emo realize that dance music is his life, and he choose it...
After long time, search for his soul, from Drum n Bass to House...From Techno to Hard Trance...From Electro to Minimal..
Emo finally landed his heart to the deep sound of House beat to Techy and Soulful to Deep House....

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    padang3 ini vocalisnya samson yahhh?hahahahhaaa piss mas emooooooo
    6 years and 10 months ago