Back on 2005, Fanggy is one of the Surabaya youth that concern about the dance scene on the most heroic city in Indonesia. With his background as a college student at Petra University. he tryin to make a new look of Surabaya dance scene by became one of the youngest dj in Surabaya at that time. Inspired by Joachim Garraud, Tony Thomas, Andy Moor, and DJ Romy, he make decision to take private course from DJ Redy / 1945mf . He started spinning seriously since early 2006. Fanggy has spinned at numerous events . Not only at Surabaya (Lost In Space at Vertical Six, Sound of Ibiza at Blowfish, Ambitions at Redboxx), he has been to Jakarta (Rare Grooves at Public) Jogja (Sound of Embassy at Embassy Platinum), Malang (Flame), Makassar (Retro), Bandung (FHM Girl Next Door at Amnesia) and Bali (Dejavu, MyRoom, Klapa, F-Lounge) etc. Naturally, over the years Fanggy musical influences have varied with distinctive sound of house music from Chill House, Deep House, Disco, Soulfull, Afrobeat, & Upfront Jackin House have all played a part in his musical style

And after last years becoming PARANOIA SURABAYA ROOKIE DJ OF THE YEAR 2008, he is now one of the finest DJ in surabaya and Indonesia by become a PARANOIA SURABAYA DJ OF THE YEAR 2009 , PARANOIA RURAL DJ OF THE YEAR 2009

In 2008, Fanggy and Marcella Zalianty (Indonesian Leading Actress) had chosen to become CONVERSE Global Icon “Connectivity” represent Indonesia equal with other global icon such as James Dean, Sid Vicious, Hunter S Thompson, Swyane Wade, Billie Joe Amstrong, Common, and M.I.A

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