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To Define Freaky is a quite complicated task, but without a doubt we can call her 80% Devil, 20% Angel
and 110% ready to keep those bodies shaking on the dance floor.
Freaky has known, since she was 16 years old, that she wanted to entertain and express herself
through trance music, and bring joy to people’s live.
She now lives for the sole purpose of taking audiences on musical journeys by spinning beautiful
soundscapes and groovy wicked tunes.

She is blessed with natural gift of rhytm, fusing a spectrum of trance style while maintaining
a thumping beat and sexy, booty-shakin’ bump.
Her journey began in 2004, in the historic and beautiful city of Bandung, where she first tried
her hand at mixing in studio east. Due to other more pressing commitments,
Freaky had to take a break, and later resumed her apprentice ship in Jakarta under
DJ Ari Jo. Beautiful and accomplished,

Freaky has been spinning dance music since 2008, initially under the management of “RDJ”,
subsequently becoming part of “Sound of Zeus” and thereafter deciding to becomea free agent
in order to discover her own sound.
Progressive Trance is her preferred genre, and Freaky draws on influences from DJs such as
Kintar, Tarkan, Frangelico, Moshic, Hypnotic Duo and many others.

In her free time, she loves to swim and takes the opportunity to explore the sights and sounds of
whichever place in the world she happens to be in at that moment. Armed with edgy attitude,
an arsenal of tunes and seemingly unceasing energy, this DJ’s mission is simple; to work the crowd
to frenzy and then some, and most importantly to freaky, to bring more joy to people’s lives.

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