Original Naro

Hendrew grew up in Jakarta, the busiest town in Indonesia. He did the things that normal kids do. He played with dirt, ride bicycle, fell down hard and learned his lessons. As he studied abroad, he was introduced to Zouk which was one of the best club in Singapore, it was later then when he realized that Steve Lawler was playing. Inspired by Steve, Hendrew bought his first DJ set and started spinning ever since. Returned home from abroad he then started to meet up with many local DJs and went to many gigs around..

On 2003, he found and joined a team that share the same vision with him, Original Naro. As a DJ, Hendrew plays the finest electronic dance music and has graced the decks of the locally best clubs. He doesn’t group his music in one genre but just by keeping his music groovy he’s able to connect with his audience and deliver another great performance. See ya on the next event!

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