Hitesh Hitz
Dj Hitz or also known as Hitesh started DJ-ing at his home ground, Indonesia. Then he made his way into Malaysia's music scene by the year of 2008. He has played at most of the clubs in Malaysia. Taking Techie House beats with blend of progressive sounds as his current main genre. Signed under the label Backspin (INA) (www.backspinclub.com), Homses (INA) (www.homses.net) and Eastside Mixing (INA) (www.eastsidemixing.com). And recently ,some of his tracks are signed by Chemistry Recordings (KL). He has played at most of the big well known clubs at both KL and Indonesia to be mentioned a few such as, Immigrant JKT, Kampus JKT, Barsonic,Zouk KL, Bedroom KL, Vertigo KL, MILK & MIST KL ,etc.

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