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Jerry RVLN
  • Jerry RVLN

  • cityBaliactive18 years
  • playingUrban / Alternative Bass Music
  • member ofOracle soundLab
  • event this year
Growing up in Bali and being exposed to dance music from an early age Jerry RVLN quickly became fascinated with the electronic music scene. At 2000 he had out grown out of bopping around the dance floor and became fixated with the turntables and mixer. He is one of the UKs most hardworking, dedicated and exciting DJs. Ignited his DJ’ing passion where he became a regular face on the underground DJ, He is dedicated to fusing all electronic sounds and creating a party atmosphere.
Going to raves some years ago inspired him to start drum n bass and put records together his way. In an age of constant technological developments, he merely offers a guarantee: to play quality, solid, great music.

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