Jester Amadeus
  • Jester Amadeus

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Jester Amadeus, Born in the city of Padang (Indonesia), and has a real name Agung Wijaya. he started his DJ career since the age of 20 years. Studying science DJ in 2012 with his friend in the city of Padang. During the year 2013, he has made many works of electronic dance music, which is favored by lovers of music in the city of Padang, and the Internet community. In 2014 he attended a DJ course in Andezz DJ School Pekanbaru to further deepen his knowledge.

Now he has joined on Andezzsound DJs Management, one of DJs Management the leading in Pekanbaru. Jester has a strong contribution in the development of electronic dance music, both in the city of Pekanbaru and Padang.

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