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Joe eisenheim Born In Menado city.,
he started electronic dance music since December 2009

Fisrt Performance he join 7sonic Managemnt..
on the middle November 2010 he out from 7sonic,reqruited to Azkalix managemnt Jakarta
1 years with Azkalix,.
No his join & a New Member in 45Generation.

Joe eisenheim began to promoting him self as a Guest DJ at many places and club in Indonesia, playing Trance, House, Tech.House and Progressive House in every club that would give him a gigs. He was also be a part of big event & was be an opening DJ such as ; Romy (1945MF), Winky (Junko), Shadow Puppet (1945MF.),Iman (1945MF), Ricky Harun & Ben Jody (1945MF),Bimo (1945MF), Boim Ghetto (Rhytm), and many more.

Since 2009 till present, Joe Eisenheim has spinning in a few best club and bar in Indonesia such as Mansion Club (Bandung), Embassy Club (Bandung), Legacy Club (Bandung), Amnesia Club (Bandung), XEX (Bandung), Gossip (Bandung), Bali Heaven (Bandung), Tropicana (Bandung), Skyview (Bandung), Sobbers (Bandung), Revel (Bandung), Pure (Bandung),Barcode (Jakarta), Musro The Sunan Hotel (Solo), Embrio Executive club (Bogor), Venue Kemang (Jakarta), The stone Kuta (Bali), and many best club in Indonesia

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