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He was intended to gain experiences beside running his undergraduate programs; he started DJing around 2,5 years ago. A short lesson by his least friend was introduced him to the DJ’s equipment. He was improving his skills by watching the international and local DJ’s playing. Starting his musical influences from the latest Tribal House, now he’s playing House, Electro, and Progressive. When he was abroad student in Perth, Australia; he had played in some student private parties and being semi resident in the Curtin University Tavern (Bar) for a month. After getting his feet wet behind the decks and being inspired by artists like Matthew Dekay, Markus Schutz, Gabriel & Dresden to name few, he began to create music on his own.

He went back for good to Jakarta in the early 2006 and took course in Spinach Records to improve his mixing skills. He was on the Subspina and played on some events arraged by Subspina and other Event Organizer. He also holds semi residency at Oishisha café for a month. Furthermore, he participated and qualified to the 2nd round in the Heineken Thirst Studio 2006 events, on purposes to evaluate his production skills and his track at the time. Eventhough he was not qualified for the final round, he still working hard to improve his production skills with helps from DJ Riri. Recently he has signed a contract with Spinach Records with hope that he would be able to gain more professional experiences as his label do.

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