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Lady Dhie
Lady Dhie started her spinning records career in 2005, in which it was a remarkable event such rookie DJ like her and truly put her up in the rank of female DJ in Jogja. It was not long after her first stunning performance that she began attracting people attention and gaining acceptance over the dance scene.

Having her teenage years in such entertaining city of Jogja really help her to recognize her love into electronic dance music scene in the city and started a career in the DJ-ing world. Her music directions were spread along the House lines up to the progressive beats, however, she settles on picking up the House genre as her main option in rocking the dance floor.

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    colis juara ini sih
    5 years and 10 months ago
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    HoLZa aku ikutttt =))
    6 years and 8 months ago
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    MiLoNopnop Jeng Dhieee .. Bali yuukk :D
    6 years and 8 months ago