• Lilsand

  • cityJakartaactive8 years
  • playingtechno
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LIL'SAND was born Jakarta City 09 July 1989 . Started his DJ Career since the end of 2011, im interested in a learning to DJ with private sector and also studied music selection along with other materials ,,, Her genre is :
Techno , Progressive , BreakBeat , Dutch,
LIL'SAND found herself experience playing in varios club and lounges in jakarta, such as a Attic kemang, Nuchina kemang , Tipsy kemang, SF kemang, Venue kemang, X9 kemang, Lucro kemang, LULO kemang, Dbar kemang, Neo Amore kemang, New Musro Jkt, Mpoint Jkt, Goen Jkt, Score Jkt, Moodz Jkt, Luv Jkt, Beyound Jkt, B1 kemang, Maitrin Jkt, RedSquare Jkt, Movina Jkt, Exodus Jkt, Milles Jkt , Alibi Jkt, StingRay Jkt, Fabric kemang, Nebula Jkt, 999 kemang, X1 Bogor, Lipps Bogor

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