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Marino Agung A.K.A DJ MARINN born in Bandung 25th June 1991. Start DJing since 2010 as SOBBERS Bar & Resto (Bandung) Resident DJ and join with ADVARK LABORATORY on November 2011 till present. Learned DJ from DJ Anguz and a few DJs like Dimasta and Anton Riswana how to mixing a lot of musics and make people dance and feel about the music at the dance floor with a perfect journey.

MARINN began to promoting him self as a Resident DJ and Guest DJ at many places and club in Indonesia, playing Trance, House, Tech.House and Progressive House in every club that would give him a gig. He was also be a part of big event & was be an opening and closing DJ such as ; Romy (1945MF), Osvaldo Nugroho (1945MF), The Dubwave (1945MF), Innerlight (1945MF), Alfi Da Lovely (1945MF), Audionauts (1945MF), Riri Mestica (Spinach), Winky (Junko), Marquee (Synan Rec.), Ready (Synan Rec.), Alannys Webber (Spinach), Chantal Dewi (1945MF), Jacquelline (Daydreamore), Delizious Devina (1945MF), Iman (1945MF), Ricky Harun & Ben Jody (1945MF), Chris M (Reworks), Vasha (Synan Rec.), P-Double (Soul Menace), Adebro (Clubhoppers / M1/43 Sound), Phuture89 (1945MF), Rio (1945MF), and many more.

Since 2010 till present, MARINN has spinning in a few best club and bar in Indonesia such as Mansion Club (Bandung), Embassy Club (Bandung), Legacy Club (Bandung), Amnesia Club (Bandung), XEX (Bandung), Gossip (Bandung), Bali Heaven (Bandung), Immigrant (Jakarta), Barcode (Jakarta), New Musro (Jakarta), Illigals (Jakarta), Second Floor (Jakarta), X1 (Bogor), and many best club in Indonesia.

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