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Marquee is currently one of the well known DJ’s in Indonesia with his choice of music combining progressive and trance. Marquee is now a regular guest DJ in several major cities in Indonesia, such as: Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogjakarta, Makassar, Semarang, Banjarmasin, Manado and Bali, receiving enthusiastic response each time attracting a large number of loyal crowd.

His first appearance at a major event in Indonesia was at the Ancol Beach Annual Rave Party in 2004 attended by around 5000 clubbers.

He is also one of the local DJ’s who has been elected to play with International DJ’s such as:

Mark Norman,
Ton TB,
Gareth Emery,
Randy Katana,
Christopher Lawrence,
Aly and Fila,
Niklas Harding,
Ronski Speed,
Super 8 n DJ Tab,
DJ Shah
and many more,...

In 2005 Marquee founded Synan Recordings, one of the fastest growing trance labels in Indonesia, and it has been able to organize a highly succesful event called “BEAT MATCH”.

He currently also has his own Dance radio show “Synan DJ Broadcast” , the first of its kind in indonesia, featuring the latest dance music from around the world.

The program is broadcast twice a month on 91.6 INDIKA FM the top dance Radio in Indonesia.

He and his colleagues Mura & Herdy Junko teamed up and produced couple of tracks like Synantia, Dive Master and World without you in 2007/08 and receive favourable response. The first three of a few more to come soonest.

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