Spinach Records

At first, Marwan joined the Spinach Records team as marketing staff, to gain as much crowd as he can everytime Spinach Records held an event. Soon afterwards, he started to learn how to be a DJ in 2004. With the help of other Spinach DJs, Marwan found his way into his own skills of DJing. He began to play in small private and birthday parties all around Jakarta.

During his early year as a DJ, Marwan became the first talent in Subspina management, a sub-label of Spinach Records management. Later on in 2006, DJ Riri himself ask Marwan to joined Spinach Records as one of its troop.

In early stage of his career, Marwan brought a very fresh sound of progressive and house into our local dance scene whereas he became noticeable because of it. Being one of the talents of Spinach Records makes him feel so blessed and delighted. Because of it, he can learn many things about dance music and organizing an event from DJ Riri himself. Played in live set with additional acoustic guitar player and throwing his own events, were his way of showing his creativity and eagerness to learn more.

In the year 2009, Marwan got himself in awe when Ravelex.net – an online electronic dance music forum – awarded him as Junior DJ Of The Year REDMA 2009. REDMA is Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Award, one of the most prestigious award in Indonesia clubbing scene.

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