Mbonk Satrio
  • Mbonk Satrio

  • cityJakartaactive12 years
  • playingprogressive house
  • event this year
Mbonk Satrio was born in Semarang, live and raised in Jakarta where he also took his first musical steps as a DJ in local clubs playing RnB, House and progressive. Soon after he started to spin regularly he was also interested in computer music production and started to do his own productions remixs in 2010 and then he's running labels with AS Production, doing edits, producing remixes and DJing at parties.
He is seriously addicted to the way music connects people and makes for better days. So expect to hear Dance music like House, Tech House, Progressive House and anything else he thinks will work the dance floor, everything into his DJ sets. An ever present in his sets are his own DJ edits‚ many of which are unreleased and exclusive. And it's this hot and interesting blend of old and new music, originals and reworks that makes his DJ sets unique. And now he to be a Instracture DJ's at AS DJ School & Studio.

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