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Monique started her DJing career in 2007 at Centro Club Jakarta when she opened for great Indonesian DJs Wingky, Romy,and others

Adapting quickly to the ever-changing trends in music styles, she proved her mixing talent was something to talk about. House induding hard-style, Progressive and Tech House! Having ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing music trends, she is able to blend all styles for non-stop dancing.

Monique started playing outside Jakarta gigs in 2008 which induded D’One (Pontianak), Barometer (Padang), Mantra (Semarang),Lord Inn (Solo), Haha (Menado), Score (Menado), Redro (Makasar), Zona Café (Makasar), Mansion (makasar), Center Stage (Palembang), Princess (Palembang), Dejavu (Samarinda), Zona Café (samarinda),Score! (Balikpapan), Red Square (Balikpapan), Vino Club (Palangkaraya), Nashville (Banjarmasin),My Room (Bali), Dejavu (Bali), Boshe(Bali), Sahara (Lombok), Boshe (Jogja), Embassy (Jogja), The House (Singapore), as well as playing at Liquid (Yogya) for a crowd of over 2000! and many more.

She is definitely an entertainer behind the decks and has that pure female energy to rock the dance floor.

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