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MYTHALOGYC was born jakarta city january 21 1992. Started his DJ career since the end of 2008.
Her genre is progressive, dutch, break beat, soulful, etc.
Through his dream combining hobby and passion to music sheisvery eager to make a different kind of music for digital music lovers.
Mythalogyc found herself playing in various club and lounges in jakarta,such as a nuchina kemang, tipsy kemang, no2 kemang, green kemang, space kemang,
venue kemang, new musro jkt, gili bar jkt, danau café cibubur, niteflight, planet hollywood, zona samarinda, tavern balikpapan, rave party in kendari and special gigs
event mobile dj black beat on the road in kemang foodfast , comic café tebet , burger n grill depok, danau telaga cibubur, taman menteng and now she has fdj mythalogyc a resident fdj in lipss executive club and karaoke NOW IS RESIDENT AT SUN CITY

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