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After years of throwing parties, Natasha realized that she was starting to crave becoming a DJ instead of just booking and managing them. She was given a pair of old CDJ by a brother and began obsessively colecting track and start to practicing.

In early 2009, Natasha was booked to play her first event and the response was overwhelming. More bookings followed as a result and her small, dedicated following began to grow and take shape. Since then, Natasha's been pounding her unique style of high energy, Tribal blend of progressive, house and electro, into the heads of dance music lovers all around Indonesia.

Natasha undoubtedly developed a very loyal following that appreciates her passion and energetic performances. This following is what fuels her to keep playing. Bottom line, whether it's a warm-up set Natasha is ready to rock the dancefloor and get the crowd moving.

Her mission is clear to play the track that clubbers want to hear and o give these music lover the opportunity to see and interact with an exciting act that will set them up for the ultimate nightclubbing experience

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