Oscar Mahendra
  • Oscar Mahendra

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Beginning with the introduction of the World night, With the Most went to clubs such jakarta
vertigo, x2, embassy & some club in south Jakarta Kemang.
I was so engrossed in listening to music that in turn by dj-dj a talented and I often see dj-dj
like dj riri mestika, dj 1945mf Romy and some of his dj-dj often appear in front of crowd.
I felt something very fascinating entertaint, from the choice of songs, his stage act, his appearance....
I decided then and I wanted to like them, a high-capacity dj talent and attitude.
I started learning instuktur-dj with experienced instructors and I tried to learn for 2 months.
and consequently I passed in November 2008 and can be with the ability and talent that I have.
starting from that I tried to join the one that suggested eo my friend and I began to entertain crowd,
start and expand my gigs with my eo until now I've gathered one by one event.
It seems to me made this profile we can work together thanks.

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